How to fix the Mac white screen error?


Here in this article, we are going to see how we can fix the Mac that won’t turn
on. These fixes are meant for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro.

But before you do anything, you must have a copy of your information in to
use in case your Mac becomes unusable. So, try to back up your device before
trying anything else.

You can still back up your device if you Mac does not start. If you have the
backups already, you can skip this step.
To back up your Mac, you can use OS X Recovery tool. Just follow the steps
mentioned below to back up your Mac that is not booting.

– First of all, you have to connect an external hard drive. This is because
you have to back it up on the external drive in case you get some issues
with your Mac. Ensure that your hard disk has enough space to store
your data.
– Now, shut down your Mac.
– Now, boot it and after the start-up chime just hold the command and R
keys until you see the Apple logo.
– Wait until you notice the OS X utilities window on your Mac.
– Now choose Disk Utility and press continue to proceed.
Now, choose your drive that you wish to back up.
Now, press on Verify disk. If you find an issue with the verifying disk
process, just press the repair disk option.
Now, you will see a ‘new image’ icon in the toolbar.
Select your external drive and a compressed disk image of the contents
of your disk will be created.

How to fix the Mac white screen?

You have to check if your white screen issue is solved after performing each
step or not.

1. Shut down your Mac and disconnect any attached peripherals that are
plugged in your Mac except for the mouse and keyboard. After
disconnecting try to reboot your Mac and see if the error still persists. If
no, then one of your peripherals is causing the issue. Try figuring out the
peripheral(s) causing the problem by reconnecting them one at a time.

2. If the above fix does not work, try booting your Mac in safe mode. It is
basically designed with the purpose of fixing the OS problems. Therefore
safe mode can be used as a useful mode to troubleshoot the problem.
Just follow the steps mentioned below to boot your Mac in safe mode –

Shut down the Mac and wait for around 10 sec.
Now, reboot the Mac.
You have to press & hold the Shift key as your Mac reboots. Press the
shift key immediately after the start-up chime.
Now, release the shift key after you notice the grey Apple logo on your
The safe mode is generally slow so you have to be patient. If the Mac
starts up normally in safe mode, try to reboot it in normal mode.

3. You can also try to repair your start up disk by follow the steps
mentioned below.

Reboot your Mac and press option+R keys after you notice the start-up
chime until you notice the apple logo.
You will find the OS X utilities menu where you have to choose Disk
Utility and press the continue button.
Choose your start up disk and press the repair disk button.
After that you have to reboot your Mac.

4. You can also reset the NVRAM or the non-volatile random access
memory. Just follow the steps mentioned below to reset the NVRAM.

Shut down your Mac and wait for 10 sec before booting it.
Now, you have to press and hold command – option – P – R keys after
you notice the start up chime.
Your Mac will reboot but you should not release the keys.
Now, release the keys when you notice the second start up chime. By
doing so, you will restart your non-volatile random access memory.

5. You can also try to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) by
following the steps mentioned below.

Turn off your Mac and connect the charger.
Now, press shift – control – option keys and the power button
Now, release all of them at the same time and restart your Mac.

If your Mac has a removable battery, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Turn off your Mac and disconnect the charger and also remove the
Now, you have to press the power key for 5 sec and release it.
Now, connect the battery as well as the charger and turn on your Mac.

6. You can also try to re-install OS X by following the steps mentioned

Reboot your Mac and press the command and R keys simultaneously
after you hear the start-up sound until the Apple logo appears.
Now, just choose the Reinstall OS X option from the list that appears.

The above fixes may solve your Mac white screen error and you can use your
Mac without any trouble. In case you are still facing the Mac white screen
error, you can contact the Apple support team.

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