How to open RAR files on Mac


We all take the advantage of compressed files to easily share our files. They come with the

extension .zip and .rar. Mostly computers can handle the zip file easily but extracting Rar
files demand a different catalyst.
Here in this section, we are going to discuss how we can open the files with .rar extension
on your Mac PC.

rar file

About RAR files

RAR is the short form for Roshal Archive Compressed. After zip files, they are the most
commonly used way to share data is compressed form. We all have seen them on internet
as they offer high data transmission and sharing.
These files are mainly designed to reduce the size and club together various files into an
individual file. These are small enough that we can share them on email and by other means
as well.
Like other files of these types, you need to extract the rar files once you have downloaded
or received them.
The best feature about the .rar files is that they offer AES–123 encryption and also come
with high compression ratios.
You Mac PC can easily unzip the compressed files but it needs different tools to unzip the
.rar files.

Open .rar files on your Mac PC

Mac OS come with a predefined tool to decompress these zip, rar and other files. The tool is
called Apple’s Archive Utility tool which can decompress files with the extensions .zip, or
gzip and also the .tar. But unfortunately it cannot decompress the .rar files. It needs the help
of another software to help the decompressing of the .rar files.
So, let us have a look at some of the software which are there for Mac Operating System in
order to open the files with .rar extension.

1. Unarchiver

In case you are looking for a tool to decompress your files having .rar extension on Mac,
then Unarchiver is a good software for your work.

This tool is completely free of cost, small and really easy to use for decompressing different
types of zipped files. If you don’t know, it is an open source software which supports the
following extensions – zip, .rar (v5 also), .tar, .gzip as well as .bzip2.

Another notable feature of this app is that it can also open ISO as well as the BIN disk
images. Apart from that, it can also open some of the windows.exe installers as well.

If you got a new Mac and want guidance on using the Unarchiver, you can follow the steps
mentioned below –

– First of all, you need to download the Unarchiver from the App store and then install
it on your Mac book.


– After that, open it and make sure the ‘rar archive’ box is check marked with the
other file extensions.
– Now, go to the Extraction tab and you will be asked to choose the save location for
the extracted file.
– Now all you need to do is drag and drop the RAR file to the icon of the Unarchiver.
You can also right click on your desired file and then select open with option and
click on the Unarchiver.

2. UnRarX

The UnRarX is basically a Mac Operating System Cocoa tool that lets you unzip the rar
archives. You can also use it to restore the corrupted or misplaced parts by using the par2. It
is really simple an easy to use tool for the ones who want simplicity. If you want to use
UnRarX, just follow the steps mentioned below.


– First of all you are required to install the UnRarX on your Mac.
– Now, open it and simple drag your desired file to the UnRarX window.
– You can also right-click on the rar file and then choose the open with option and
then UnRarX.
– This will extract your compressed file.


3. iZip

The iZip is an ideal alternate to the Unarchiver as well as UnRarX. This is completely free and
highly secure so that you can extract your rar file without any worries.
You can use it to manage your zipped files by going to the Finder, just like any other file.


You can also share your files over the internet by pressing the share button to upload them.
This tool offers you 256-bit AES ZIP encryption for your extra security. Another notable thing
about iZip is that it has partnered with so that they can give your secure and free
file sharing.

4. Stuffit Expander


The Stuffit Expander is a completely free program which you can use to decompress the .rar
compressed files and other file formats like Zip, GZip, BZip on your Mac. It has a really
simply user interface which makes it everyone’s favourite.
You can download this software separately or as an included tool with the Stuffit Deluxe

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