How to disable the voice control on your iPhone?


We all know that voice control is a very common complaint made by the users
when it performs accidental ‘pocket’ voice dialling. This beneficial feature turns
out to be really annoying at times and you may want to turn it off.

If you wish to activate the voice control, you need to press and hold the home
button, if your Siri is turned off. This simply tells you that if you are using Siri,
you can turn on voice control.

voice control

You can use voice control to make normal calls as well as FaceTime calls and
control the music playback as well. All you need to do is to speak into the
phone’s built-in microphone.



The first thing you need to do is to set up a passcode for your device. If you
don’t know how to set up the passcode, just follow the steps mentioned

  • Open setting on your iPhone and go to Touch ID and Passcode. If you are
    using iPhone 4 and lower, just go to settings and open Passcode.


  • Now, you need to tap on ‘Turn Passcode on’.
  • Now, enter your desired passcode to unlock your iPhone. You must not
    forget your passcode as it is used for many other purposes other than
    unlocking the device.
  • After setting your passcode, tap on Voice Dial and then press ‘disable
    Voice Dial’.

voice dial

Keep in mind that music voice control is not disabled by disabling the voice
dialling feature.


You can also try this method where you are required to turn Siri on. Just follow
the steps mentioned below:

  • Open settings and then go to General and then Siri and turn Siri on. As
    mentioned earlier, turning Siri on will disable the Voice control automatically. But keep in mind that Siri can also make accidental phone calls. To avoid this accidental calling, you must enable your passcode.
  • Now, open settings and then go to Touch ID and Passcode, and then
    toggle Siri off in the ‘Allow access when locked’ section.

siri off

  • The above step will allow Siri to work when you enter the passcode. This
    means it will prevent Siri from making accidental ‘pocket’ calling when
    your iPhone is in your pocket.
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