How to fix the ‘invalid response received from the device’ error?


Many users have complained that they are facing the ‘ITunes cannot connect
to the device as an invalid response was received from their device’ message
when they plug their iPhone or iPad with the PC.


Sometimes, iTunes freezes when the users are syncing their iPhone or iPad
with their PC. But there is no need to panic as this issue comes up when the
USB communication to your iPhone or iPad is broken.


Let us have a look at some of the possible fixes for the ‘invalid response
received from their device’ issue.

  • You can use a different USB cable and see if the error still persists.
  • You can also try plugging in using a different USB port.
  • If possible, try plugging in using a different computer to see if there is problem with your PC.
  • Shut down iTunes and then restart it again.
  • Try to reboot your PC and see if the error still occurs, as it sometimes
    fixes most of these problems.
  • Try to reboot your iPhone or iPad and then plug back in again.
  • Try to restart your router.
  • Also, ensure that your iPhone or iPad is unlocked when it is plugged.
  • You can also try to force restart your iPhone or iPad. To do so, just follow
    the steps mentioned below:
  1. For the iPhone 7 models, press the home wake button along with
    volume down buttons till you see the Apple logo.
  2. If you are using any other iOS device, press the home button along
    with wake button till you see the Apple logo on screen.
  • You can also try to update your iTunes and then see if the error still
    persists or not.
  • Also try to update your computer. Make sure that you are using the
    latest version of MacOS or Windows on your PC.
  • Update your iOS device i.e. your iPhone and iPad. To update it, just go
    to settings and then general and then tap on Software Update.
  • Try to uninstall iTunes and then install it back.
  • Try to reset your network settings on your iPhone or iPad. Just go to
    settings and then general and reset and tap on Reset network settings.
  • Maybe you are facing this issue due to any third party software tool.
    Either disable it for some time or uninstall it as it may be preventing
    iTunes from communication to the Apple servers.
  • Adjust the date and time settings on your iPhone or iPad by setting it to
    ‘Set Automatically’.
  • If you are using Windows on your PC, try to reset TCP/IP.
  • If you are using Mac on your PC, ensure that your date and time are
    correctly set.

All the above fixes are meant to solve your issue. If you are still facing the
problem, you can contact the Apple support team.

Sanjay Kumar Gupta
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