How to fix the iOS 10 message alerts not working issue?


Many of the iPhone and iPad users have complained that they are experiencing
a problem in the SMS and iMessage notifications after they have updated their
device to iOS 10. This has become a common issue for the ones who have
updated their device software.

In normal state, you get a sound alert, an on-screen alert or a vibration alert
when you get a new message on your iPad or iPhone. You can also change your
device’s default notification alert such as sounds and vibration patterns to get
notified for new text messages.

However, in case your sound and vibration alerts are not functioning properly,
then you won’t get any sound or vibration for the incoming messages. Perhaps
you want to fix this issue and that is why you are here.

So, let us see how we can fix the iOS message alerts not working issue. You can
try each until your problem is solved.
  • First of all, you must try restarting your iPhone or iPad. This is the most
    common fix for many such errors.
  • Now, you can also go to settings and then Messages and then Send &
    Receive. If your mail id is selected, just unselect it and select your phone
  • You can also open settings then notifications and messages. From over
    there, turn off ‘show in notification center’.


  • If that did not work, make sure that the Do not Disturb mode is turned
    off. To check this, just go to settings and then tap on Do Not Disturb.

do not distrub off

  • Also see if the mute switch (present on the side of your iPhone and iPad)
    is not on.
  • You can also try doing a force restart by pressing and holding the wake
    button along with the home button until you see the apple logo.


  • Open settings and then notifications and messages. Turn off the ‘allow
    notifications’ option and reboot your phone. Now, turn back ‘allow
    notifications’ on.


  • Open settings and then sound and see if ‘Ringer and alerts’ is muted or
    not. If muted, just turn up the volume.
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