Coronavirus Outbreak and its Severity Round the Globe


The Coronavirus outbreak that originated from a “wet market” in the Wuhan city of China has now become a major threat to the countries worldwide. The outbreak has disrupted all the activities round the Globe. The whole world has come to a stand still and the economies are badly affected.

What reports have to say about the Coronavirus Update worldwide?

Covid-19 has affected 210 countries and territories around the world till now. According to a recent report by Worldometers, total coronavirus cases worldwide are 2,661,518 and there are 1,85,504 reported deaths. The cases are on an exponential rise despite the lockdown in the affected nations. 

Is coronavirus a fatal disease?

The fatality rate of Covid-19 is hard to speak on because there are hardly any facts and reports on the same. But the intensity that its spreading with is too hard to ignore. Coronavirus is a contagious disease that has already taken lives of many around the world. So, if the death tolls and the severity of the disease is to be considered, calling it a fatal disease is no big deal.

Is the cure for Coronavirus found?

While Medical Professionals around the world are treating the people affected, the scientists are making every brick move to find the cure for coronavirus that has caused so much havoc. Testing kits are already made and are still in the making process but the cure is yet to be found.

Until no cure is found it’s important to follow all the precautions and listen to what Medical Professionals have to say and following their instructions.

Globally, 2,660,763 people have so far been infected, of whom 185,502 have died, according to Worldometer.

India had 21,797 number of confirmed coronavirus (Covid-19) cases till Thursday. According to the government officials, as many as 686 people have died of the disease so far in the country. In the last 24 hours, 1,409 positive cases, and 34 deaths were reported.

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