Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What you can do after finishing the game- Post Game Unlocks and Guide


Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What you can do after finishing the game- Post Game Unlocks and Guide

A lots of features in the game are waiting for you when you complete “ The Final Fantasy 7 ” Remake. It takes approximately 35 hours to complete all the chapters of the game.

A complete new set of credit rolls after that. You will be sent to your options screen which displays what are the new features that you have unlocked.

A versatile option of chapter selection is now available. Desired chapter can now be selected and played in higher difficulties. Restarting the game doesn’t cost you XP now. So, now reaching level 50 doesn’t seem so difficult. Playing the chapters in higher difficulties unlocks more features.

New Features

Chapter Selection:

  • You can now select any chapter from the option menu and replay it. If you have not completed every side quests, VR missions or not collected every manuscript, well now you can do that all. You can go to the previous chapters and make different decisions to see the further consequences.

Hard Mode:

  • The battles are harder as no items are allowed and resting only restores HP. You can now unlock several manuscripts that are available only in Hard Mode. Enemies in these levels are of your level.

Double EXP and triple AP:

  • Earn 2 X EXP and 3 X AP which seems even easier. So, level up your Materia and characters.

New Combat Simulator:

  • A New Combat Simulator is now available in The Chapter 17: The Hojo’s Lab. The new hard mode only battles are found here, which has two secret bosses too.

Skip the Bike Mini-Game now:

  • While replaying the chapter you can now skip the whole sequence of Bike Mini- Game.

A whole new fight:

  • After completing the chapters a whole new fight appears in the Shinra Combat Simulator in Chapter 16.These are one of the toughest fights in the game so, it can be completed by only those who have a nice hold to the depth of the battle system.

Three new bosses:

  • After completing the game there are three super-bosses: Bahamut, Marlboro and Pride & Joy.
    • Bahamut: It is must to complete all the Chadley’s Battle Intel challenges to unlock the fourth and final VR battle. After defeating Bahamut the fourth summon materia can be unlocked.
    • Marlboro: The final level of the Hard Mode Battle of The Hojo’s Lab.
    • Pride & Joy: This is the Ultimate Weapon. You unlock the 7-star battle by completing all the Battle Intel Challenges, all Corneo Colosseum fight and all Shrine Battle Simulator Fights.


  • In Chapter 17, after defeating the first enemy encounters. We find Chadley upstairs standing just next to the door which leads to the new Combat Simulator.
  • All the 5 Star Battles are available only when you play on Hard Difficulty.
  • Unlock an Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees mission as you get the Geometric Bracelet. Many more features once you complete all the chapters.

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