Kung Fu Panda 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer


Back in 2008 a hero was born. Who became the heartthrob and a chunky for not only the youngsters but also for adults. He soon became everyone’s favorite, for those who had watched and also for those who hadn’t watched his movies. There was a time he was being talked most of  the time and the time still hasn’t ended. A character who could change anyone’s mood at any point of time making them all jovial and jubilant. It was quite erratic for him to became an icon in the superhero league. He is non other than Po. Po the panda .

He was first shown in a movie called Kung Fu panda as a blundering panda who is a Kung Fu devotee and is accidentally  termed as a “Dragon Warrior “ and is asked rather required to overcome a villain called Tai Lung.

Talking about the movie Kung fu  Panda as a brand is one of the most loved animation movies  which was directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne. It is a Wuxia comedy movie produced by Dreamworks and is animated and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The movie creates a lot of humorous content with showing how the animals in a rural village talk to each other and the conflicting relationship between the panda and his father Mr. Ping  who is a goose and works as a noodle maker.


Kung  Fu  panda is one of those movies who got a colossal hit as soon as it hit the theatres. It is one of those movies who got positive review and appraisal form the critics in the first movie itself.

The first movie was released in 2008, followed by the second in 2011 and the third in 2016. It was predicted that the fourth movie would release immediately after the third movie but it did not happen so. Instead it statement was release that till by then they hadn’t even started working on the fourth movie.

It is predicted that the fourth movie which is called Kung Fu panda 4 : Paws of Destiny will have the narratives of Po to face the greatest test till date. We may also see him teaching his 4 sons the great art of Kung fu which will turn him into a Kung Fu master. The movie might also show Po reuniting with his family after meeting his biological father.

It is also expected that the cast of the movie shall remain the same as earlier.

As of now the official release date of the movie and the trailer has not been revealed. Yet it is predicted that the release date might go back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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