Nintendo says that more than 160,000 Nintendo accounts have been hacked


Nintendo says that more than 160,000 Nintendo accounts have been hacked

People are bound to stay at home due to the pandemic of Corona Virus. This has led to the increase in the users of Nintendo’s Switch. Nintendo now has an increase in the number of gamers. It is so huge for the first time in Nintendo’s history. This increasing demand has attracted the attention of the hackers towards Nintendo’s Switch. The hackers have targeted the digital accounts of the Nintendo Users.

Nintendo revealed a huge breach on Friday: “About 160,000 account” of Nintendo’s Switch users were impacted, the company said.

If you have a Nintendo switch and a Nintendo’s 3DS or Wii U, there are chances that your account was one of the “about 160,000” accounts that were hacked.

Over the past few weeks the gamers were reporting about any malicious activities in their accounts. According to the complaints, unauthorized login were taking place. These were breached with the payment cards connected to the Nintendo’s Online Stores.

On Friday, Nintendo stated that the attackers were trying to attack the users by breaking their legal policies since April.

Nintendo’s Post on Twitter says, “In response to recent incidents related to some Nintendo’s Accounts, it is no longer possible to sign into a Nintendo’s Account using Nintendo’s Network ID. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Nintendo’s further did not say that how the hackers were able to breach into their server and attacked the accounts. Nintendo has thus, disable login to a Nintendo Account using NNID.

The attackers might have accessed the details of the users linked with Nintendo’s Accounts. Details like nicknames, date of birth and email address were attacked, but it is said that they were unable to access the credit card information.

Not only Nintendo, but the whole gaming world faces the threat of hackers who are trying to corrupt their data.

They say they are resetting the password for the affected accounts. They also suggested the users to set up the two-step authentication for their security.

It will be informed to the users about resetting their NNID and Nintendo’s Account. This attack causes damage to both Nintendo as well as its users.

Nintendo’s also says that they will try to strengthen their security in order to prevent such threats.

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