No Game No Life Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast


No Game No Life is is a Japanese novel collection version on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime written by Yu Kamiya. No Game No Life first season was aired on 2014 and left fans craving for more. This series revolves around the storyline of two step-siblings 18-year-old Sora and 11-year-old shirt who combine their skills to develop the undefeated gaming identity known as Blank. The first season was constructed from 12 short episodes. The first season ended on quite an enticing cliffhanger, too. So, naturally, fans assumed that there’s more to this story.

Release Date
The release date for No Game No Life Season 2 is highly anticipated. In early February 2020, Netflix U.S. finally picked up the anime series for streaming and now everyone wants to know what’s next for a No Game No Life sequel. Netflix U.S. picked up the show for streaming in February 2020. It was an instant hit on the streaming platform. The anime studio has been making a lot of sequels lately. So, the fans are highly anticipating any announcement related to season 2. There is no such confirmation from the creators and the studio about season 2. The new season might air around the mid of 2021. Besides, Netflix might pick up the series as an exclusive and get the ball rolling.

No Game No Life has some of the coolest lore out of any fictional world. Unlike many anime movies on a TV adaptation, No Game No Life: Zero’s plot was actually based on a single light novel volume instead of being an original story. The story is related to two sisters, Short and Shiru. Both are the greatest gamer of all time. When the story goes ahead, they challenge the God of Games and want to claim on god’s throne. They are unknown to the threat of the virtual world where they want to live. After some time, they realize that they have stuck in the game, but somehow they found a way to come back in the real world.

● Ai Kayano
● Yōko Hikasa
● Yuka Iguchi
● Scott Gibbs
● Yukari Tamura
● Mamiko Noto
● Amelia Fischer
● Sara Ornelas
● Kara Greenberg

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