Passengers on a packed American Airlines Flight to New York didn’t wear masks


As Covid-19 travels the world it has opened a Pandora box ,causing severe damage to life and property, health department of every country,where this pandemic has infected thousands and killed hundreds, is in turmoil. Each country’s expenditure and policy is severely limited to it’s scarce resources. While the world’s most affluent economies like The United states are in an incessant battle with the virus. To combat which, not only apt governance policies are required but also the public support and cooperation is quintessential.But it should also be kept in mind that one single incident of carelessness can ruin the whole recovery strategy.

One such example comes from the United States itself. A packed American flight with half of the passengers not wearing masks is a good enough reason to create ruckus and panic. The seats of Many flights are now vacant due to the pandemic, but the one from Miami to New York was reportedly 80-90% occupied. It went viral as the head of the largest flight attendant union called on the US Department of transportation to require travelers to wear masks. The flight 2669 was soon in headlines then.

The airline business is already in distress due to the travel ban and restrictions ,And this occurrence would further Act against it. Sara Nelson, President of the Association of flight attendants-CWA- which represents flight attendants from 20 airlines, but not American, wrote a letter to DOT secretary Elaine Chao. It said that the masks Should be required to be worn on planes and in airports.

Seven US states like New York have mandated wearing masks in public where social distancing is not a feasible option. Canada also required all air commuters to wear make masks during travel. Nelson also asked to permit only quintessential movements. This will minimize the risk to Travellers themselves, the public transport workers on which they are reliant and obviously the healthcare industry, which is striving to cope up with the disease spread. Air facility continues to transport people, mail and cargo, uniting people and also delivering the required medical equipments like masks, ventilators and testing kits. All that is required right now is to not forget the basic precautions issued by the WHO and everything would hopefully be fine.

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