Twitch Streamer Alinity is amidst another Controversy for revealing a little much of her body during a Broadcast


Alinity is surrounded by a new controversy after revealing a little more in the twitch stream, shortly after that incident of malfunctioning of her wardrobe. After tossing her cat on twitch this is the next controversial incident that took place.

Soon, the clips of the stream found their way through the internet. Although, she tried to take the clips down, but once a clip has found its way through the internet it is quite difficult to take them down. She also tried to issue DDMCA takedown on sites such as Reddit. She took these actions regardless of what others might think about her. So, the incident might be an accident actually. But apart from this Alinity has not acknowledged about what happened.

But, there have been some streamers who have been banned before for such actions, but Twitch seems quite irregular about its rules, especially when it comes to Alinity. Many people are requesting for punishment because the aggressively tossing of her cat on stream adds fuel to this controversy.

After tossing up her cat, this malfunctioning of her wardrobe didn’t seem much surprising that Twitch didn’t take any action against her.

In a tweet Alinity says, “Hey so regardless of whatever Twitch decides to do, I’m gonna give myself a 3 day suspension from the platform. I think it is fair. Have yourselves a nice day!”

After the incidents being ignored by the platform she self imposes to suspend herself for three days.

The fact that no action has been taken by Twitch, some members of the streaming community have been driven to the wrong path. She has drawn a lot of hate after these incidents. Especially, because there were streamers who were banned for showing less on the stream. So, it’s must that some actions should be taken against her.

In a tweet Alinity also replies to a lot of hate that, “You guys know I have been suspended before, right? So many people saying I don’t get in trouble and shit. I just didn’t make a big fuzz when I got suspended, cause WHO CARES?” She also said “Yo, if you guys don’t like how Twitch handles bans take it with them. How are their inconsistencies my fault?”

Nevertheless, whether the incident was intentional or accidental this calls Twitch to ban her. After the aggressive throwing up her cat incident, Alinity has found herself in this controversy. The viewers find that her streams should be taken down and she should be punished for these incidents. This is somehow a punishable offense.

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