XCOM: Chimera Squad Guide- Enemy Factions investigation Guide


XCOM: Chimera Squad Guide- Enemy Factions investigation Guide

There are three new enemy factions in XCOM: Chimera Squad factions- The Progeny, Gray Phoenix and The Sacred Soil. You have to complete the first task by choosing the faction. Then complete the investigation by finding which faction has planted the bomb. You will have to complete all the investigations and story missions related to the selected faction, because you can investigate one faction at a time.


  • There is no answer to the question that which faction to investigate first. Because, you will end up investigating all the factions, no matter which one you start with.
  • The level of missions of the factions is almost same, but the difficulty rises with your agents.
  • There are three factions:-

    • The Progeny: It is a group of humans that are dependent on psionic powers. The come equipped along with a lot of abilities like Mind Control and many more .
    • Sacred Coil: It is a hybrid faction that takes several distinct species.
    • Gray Phoenix: Aliens that are scavengers and have a good knowledge in technology and weapons. Aliens with various abilities will appear.

How to Investigate

  • After choosing the faction you will have to investigate that faction. The Investigation Menu can be used to track the Investigation.
    • Investigation Log: You can track your important events of the ongoing investigation.
    • Faction Leadership: Once the Chimera Squad finds the leader. The faction leadership shows his identity.
    • Active Operation: It shows the description and the title of the story mission for that faction that you’re investigating.
    • Dark Events: This explains the story of the ongoing mission of the faction.
  • All the faction missions are marked as purple in the map.
  • The ground work has to be done in order to know about the intention of the faction.
  • You have to complete certain story missions in order to speed the most important missions.
  • You have to do multiple encounters which take a while to uncover.
  • Once, you complete all the operations you will have to encounter the leader of the faction.
  • The final part of the investigation is to find the leader of the faction.
  • Eventually you can encounter the faction and take it down. This includes the faction leader with a lot of health.

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