Delhi’s peak power demand falls by 49% during the lockdown


The city’s demand for peak power during the day has been reduced by 40-50 per cent, while the peak electricity demand during the night has been reduced by around 20-30 per cent as all the industrial activities stand stagnant to control the spread of coronavirus infection.

Almost every sector and department is in pain. The pain caused by the COVID-19 lockdown and the discom and power department sector is not an exception. This fall in the demand was observed the very next day after Janta Curfew on March 22. As per the officials, this high reduction in the day’s peak power demand is due to the closure of commercial and industrial establishments in the lockdown which has led to around 70-90 percent reduction of electricity demand in this segment.

The domestic load has experienced no change during the lockdown. As people are confined to their homes and using electric appliances. So, there is no impact on Delhi’s domestic load, which is around 75 per cent of total power load. There is a slight increase in this category.

The situation will remain the same until the lockdown is in force in the city. But the demand is expected to rise as the temperature rises in the city. For May, the demand is expected to be reduced by about 15 per cent from the projected values if the lockdown is lifted. But if the lockdown gets extended, the average reduction in demand is expected to be around 43-45 per cent in comparison to last year’s peak electricity demand during the month, the officials said.

Being in essential services discom and power department sector should always be geared up to ensure quality and reliable power supply to its consumers.

However, this year the average consumption will remain low when compared with last year.

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