Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Storyline and Everything you should know !!


The Dragon Prince is a humorous computer animated web series originally created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. It is a fantasy comedy and widely accepted and preferred by the viewers. It has a premise of a fantasy world based on Avatar but in a funny, jolly and hilarious manner.

With all the three seasons being super successful and not having a lot of gap between the release of all seasons the creators are to be back with the season 4 of the Dragon Prince . The release date of the season has not been revealed but there have been speculations that it is to release in the Summer of 2020.

Each season in fact each episode of the Dragon Prince is filled with action and fantastic animation. It also makes it nearly impossible for viewers to predict the next episode as it keeps the viewers busy with the interaction between the dragons, elves and the human.

The season one ended with the egg hatching into dragon prince which is the showing setting the theme and character of the story by showing its birth. The second season ended with a war against Xadia. The third season ended the conclusion of war between Viren’s army and Callum. The show also shows that there could be peace and harmony among the dragons, elves and humans but for that all will have to work together.

Since the first three seasons were based on the primary elements , viewers can expect and conclude that there could be two more seasons of the show after the release of season 4.

A trailer for the season 4 was released in a comic con but it did not tell much about the story line or the plot. The season 4 story line is suppose to revolve around the Xadia and the kingdom expansion. More interaction between the elves and the humans is also expected.

All the seasons of the show have received more than 7 out of 10 ratings by the critics with the first season receiving the most.

A video game in the same world as the series is under development.

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