Final Fantasy 3 creator has answered why the game is not as heavy on Story as FF2


The month of April has been a great month for Square-Enix. Not only the Remake of Final Fantasy 7 has broken the sales records soon after releasing it this month. But also April 27th 2020 is the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy 3.

Final Fantasy 2 was more focused on the story, whereas Final Fantasy 3 was mechanically focused which has resulted in less story-heavy game. An interview with Tanaka and Koichi Ishii, two developers of FF3 has given the answers to the fans that why the focus has been turned to mechanics from the story.

Views of Tanaka and Koichi

According to Tanaka, the story of Final Fantasy 3 was written by Hironobu Sakaguchi as opposed to Akitoshi Kawazu, who wrote the story for Final Fantasy 2. Kawazu has a reputation for adding what Tanaka referred to as a sort of signature style to storytelling, which lends itself to long, complex stories that put them to the forefront of a game. Sakaguchi would go on to direct and write for several other Final Fantasy‘s.

“That’s because Mr. Kawazu wasn’t involved. [laughs] When Mr. Kawazu creates stories, they have a certain distinctive characteristic to them, so his involvement often has a tendency for that game to be remembered as story-heavy.”

Along with the change in writers, there was clearly a motive to make a more mechanically focused game. The Famicom was increasing the data capacity of the cartridges. This forced them to make the cartridges work on their maximum capacity. Leading them to focus more on the mechanics like- epic summons, customizable magic systems, and branching level formats.

The previous games used to have more engaging stories. Whereas, with the introduction with the new job system in Final Fantasy 3 added complexions to the series. These effects are visible in how modern combat systems handle customization in the latest releases.

Final Fantasy 3 is now available on Android, iOS, PC and Nintendo DS.

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