Ryan Reynolds, teaming up with Free Guy director Shawn Levy for a New Time Travel Movie


For all the fans of “Ryan Reynolds there is a piece of good news.   The next in a row this time is an exciting time travel movie,” . 2019 had been a big year for Ryan Reynolds with 6 Underground bringing the Bayhem on Netflix and the blockbuster Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Although due to coronavirus the release of his upcoming Free Guy with director Shawn Levy on which he is set to get ready on a new adventure, that might get delayed due to coronavirus pandemic.

Reynolds and Levy must have had a satisfying experience working on Free Guy. The plot is basically the action-comedy about a man who recognizes he’s existing inside an open-world video game, which is now set for a December launch after originally being slated to release in July.

About the Director- Actor Duo

So there is no turning back for the team, Reynolds has now lined up another new project with Free Guy director Levy. The news we recently got to hear is the pair will re-team for an untitled time travel adventure film for Skydance. The film began life as a spec script with Tom Cruise briefly attached by T.S. Nowlin, and was originally set up following the title Our Name is Adam. The story, which is being written by Jonathan Trooper, sees Reynolds’ character traveling back in time to get help from his 13-year-old self and confronting his own departed father on this absolutely amazing and one of a kind journey.

It continues to be suspense, how the audience accepts the duo in Free Guy, but Skydance is investing on Reynolds and Levy making a stable team, and is now willing to double-down on the pairing.

 Also, the thing appreciable is that the director and actor are willing to work together again so quickly. One more facts is that Shawn Levy has helmed some big projects in the past few years, including the Night At The Museum series, Big Fat Liar, and Stranger Things and there is hardly any room for disappointment from him.

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