Stranded Deep Guide: How to Make and Use a Plank Station which will help you Survive


Well… Now Stranded Deep has finally been launched on PS4 and Xbox One. Fans say that hard-core survival games like these don’t actually say about the things that are required for the survival of the character. Generally there are various ways to use a single material. The best example for this would be wood.

We all are aware of the fact that wood than be chopped into pieces and further be used as firing fuel, making tools, and more. The logs of wood can also be used as planks which you can further use to build or craft other items.

How to build a Plank Station

The players have come across a lot of planks during they wander, but to craft something a planking station is required. Though the planking station requires a several items in order to build it. But building it is worth the effort.

The method to craft the station can be found in the Crafting Menu same as finding other things. You might require a refined axe, a crude hammer, four sticks, a log, and one lashing. Players should be aware that they don’t break down the chopped wood into sticks. This might be difficult to craft earlier. But once it is built, it can be used to turn logs into planks.

How to build and use Planks

Using the planking station to make planks is quite simple. In the crafting menu the players can find planks at the bottom of the list. You require one log to craft one plank. These planks can further be used be used to build rafts, huts, farming plots which make them useful in the long run.

The planks station helps the gamers to build shelter, find new methods to travel and find food. The methods to build these items can be found in the crafting menu. So, now the players don’t have to keep on finding planks.

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