The Order Season 2 is Coming !! Release Date,Cast, Plot and Other details


“The Order” is a show appreciated for its mysterious plot, dramatization, super natural elements and cinematography.  It is basically a horror drama TV web series .

Have you ever wondered why all characters in a horror movie or story tend to run towards their death by opening that door, talking to that particular person or completing a particular task but that is not the case with this series. The order is known for its unflinching story line and has made it the largest web series streaming on Netflix.

The story of the web series revolves around a boy named Jack Morton who studies in the Blue Rose. He joins a secret society called the Hermetic Order , a society which teaches and practices magic. As Jack goes more into learning magic and practicing it learns about some uncover dark truths of his family and the carnage between the werewolf’s and the magic dark arts and magic.

The series is one of those rare Netflix series which has got 100% approval waiting for the first season and with the average rating of 7.5/10.

The makers of the show have confirmed the making of the season 2 of the show. Netflix has also done a short video release to reveal the making of the next season of The Order.

About the release of the second season we were told that the shooting shall begin in the Summer of 2019 and the series might release by the end of 2020. But there have been no official announcements in that context.

The cast of the show is expected to remain the same as that of the season 1 but there might be a few deductions like that of Jack’s grandfather and his estranged father Edward who die in the ninth episode of the first season.

The first season had 10 episodes in total and the same is expected for the second season.

There has also been no update n the revelation of the trailer as well as the plot release of the second season is confirmed. It is also not sure whether the actors have started shooting for the second season.

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