US announced a $12.1 million aid package for Greenland


US in competition with Russia and China for Arctic resources, decided to open a congratulate in the vast Arctic territory with a mere population of 56,000. The US government recently announced a $12.1 million aid package for the land, which is welcomed by the Danish authorities. The announcement came less than a year after President Donald Trump drew derision for expressing an interest in buying the country.

Greenland is an autonomous Danish region which earns its livelihood from fishing and subsidies provided by the Danish government. Majority of its population is of an ethnic background. It is gaining strategic confidence due to melting Arctic ice opening up new sea routes and mineral deposits.

The US already urh has an important military base at Thule, which is extremely important for missile early warning and space surveillance. A US state department senior official remarked that the package would be beneficial for Greenland’s economic development,especially in terms of education and natural resources.

Greenland premier Kim Kielsen said – “This good news confirms that our work on building a constructive relationship with the United States is fruitful.” The Associated Press reports that a considerable part of it will be US specialist consultancy work. However it was also made clear that this move was not to pave the way to purchase Greenland.

The US ambassador in Copenhagen, Carla Sands, has spoken of Washington being Denmark’s “preferred partner” in the Arctic. This comment drew sharp criticism from Danish politicians. The opprobrium went a step ahead after the Thursday’s aid announcement. Soeren Espersen of the n nationalist Danish People’s party Seuss that the aid decision was like “something you say about third -world countries… But Greenland is not a developing country. It is western democracy. I think it’s reprehensible. ”

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