US stocks finish positive amid virus optimism, Dow +1.1%


Cautious optimism on Wall Street propelled US stocks to a positive finish on Friday, despite vast evidence of the coronavirus pandemic’s did deep damage to the American economy. The initial growth in the market does show signs of the second fall and the global recession. For brief information the market till Thursday was a flat line and no positive signs were occurred in the past week. The sudden increase took investors in shock.

At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 1.1 percent at 23,775.27.The broad-based S&P 500 climbed 1.4 percent to end at 2,836.74, while the tech-rich Nasdaq finished 1.7 percent higher at 8,634.52.

The aftershocks of an unprecedented slump in oil prices into negative territory were felt across Wall Street on Monday, with stock indices starting lower and staying that way all week till Thursday. The futures contract for May closes Tuesday – when traders who buy and sell the commodity for profit would have had to take physical possession of the oil – and with the glut in markets and storage facilities full.

Labor Department data released on Thursday showed the coronavirus cutting deeply into employment, with the number of new jobless claims rising to around 26 million since mid-March.

Meanwhile the Congressional Budget Office on Friday predicated the US economy would contract by 12 percent in the second quarter, with the unemployment rate hitting 14 percent

Also the airlines being shutdown it haphazardly increased the travel expenditure keeping the investors in utmost secrecy and disguise. Karl Haeling of LBBW said there was no clear reason for why stocks nonetheless staged a mild rally on Friday after a flat finish the day before.
Thus it took turns for the market the buyers were scarce so initially the short selling took place as then to book out profits from the stocks being short sold, buyers had to come in picture to short cover the stocks sold.

However it seemed traders had grown used to the gloomy forecasts and were heartened by Congress’s passage of a bill providing an additional $483 billion of government funds to rescue small businesses.
“The market is now comfortable with the second quarter being absolutely horrible,” Karl said.

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