Venom gives The Thing a ‘Kiss Of Death’, Does he Survive ?


Venom It is distant from the existing image of perfect hygiene among various comic book appearances, although one can still not get over the unpleasant moments of all time during a fight with Spider-Man. Oh yes, now here is why wasn’t Peter Parker the one who suffered the most!!

Venom eventually had a mass attraction, prompting Marvel to reinvent the villain as an antihero, and he subsequently released several ongoing miniseries and comics starring Venom’s over the years. Venom series pulls off in 2003, stressed on a flashback to a fight between Venom’s and Spider-Man, the former mocks Spider-Man with the consciousness that he will kill him eventually, and it will come as a complete shock.

Venom (2018)

As we all are familiar Venom is known to commit the incredibly eccentric and stormy acts against his foes, including eating the brain of a criminal at one point. The one where Venom pushes his tongue further down the throat of the former, in what is arguably the most disgusting, but surprisingly effective, way of incapacitating a superhero. However, the “kiss of death” does not last long, as the Human Torch arrives and cuts Venom’s tongue, freeing the Thing from suffocation and further shame.

While following series of the character, such as Mac Gargan, would revel in eating people, Eddie Brock was traditionally a more “noble” anti-hero, with this conflict being an exception to the character’s traditional description. Notwithstanding, based on this confrontation, Venom the Lethal Protector can count lethal kissing among his more disgust and gross powerful performances.

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