Alien: Isolation available for $2 on Steam for Alien Day


26th of April is considered to be The Alien Day, so celebrate the Alien Day with one of the terrifying video games “Alien:Isolation”. It is available for $2 on steam till Monday.

Alien day celebrates all the alien things that has happened since April 26th 2016.  The day is a reference to the release of the original AlienMotion picture, Archeron, the LV-426 moon. Primarily, it celebrates all the AlienMovies. The day also honors other material like games and comic books.

This time, Alien: Isolation is available on Steam for its lowest price till date. The original price of the game was $12.49. You can purchase the entire package of the game for just $2 on Steam which seems cheaper even than a burger.

It is available for 75% off the actual price. The game is said to be one of the best horror games on PC of the gaming world. It is famous for its clever AI of the Alien Enemy and the great designing of the difficulties of the levels.

The Game:

Make your each step carefully because you don’t know what is lying further. If you are out in the space what are unaware that what horror might bring your end.

People loved the game on its release. The game is said to be for those who have observational power and patience. The monster in the game seems almost like an indestructible machine.

The game is available on Play Station 4, Xbox One and Switch.

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