DC : 10 Things that don’t make Sense in The Seven Deadly Sins


The DC extended universe got a rough start. Its debut with the movie Man of Steel did fairly on the screen and got mixed reviews both positive and negative but after that the content took a U turn. The movies that came after the first movie kind of had the critically opposite effect as the first one. But the thing did not end here. DC then began to give out a series of flops and the Batman v/s Superman being one of them.

But Shazam is one of the things which people and viewers have genuinely liked . It is about a young boy who enjoys super natural powers but more than this, he also introduced Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, the most interesting villain to date and someone whose powers connect directly with Billy Batson’s power set. Even though the plot was interesting there a few things which did not make sense at all. They include:

  1.  The Age- Magician tells Billy how the deadly sins were launched in the world during some time in the ancient past.DC He tells Billy that it has cause wide spread damage with the death of millions of people together until they were finally jailed. However the deadly sins originated in the 3rd and the 4th century The Christian ascetic Evagrius Ponticus wrote about sins in detail, as did some other desert fathers of the early Christian movement. So the question is why would the ancient lord of humanity be named after so longed being locked in the Lock of Eternity?


  1.  Subservience to Sivana- Sivana dedicates his life in perusing the promise he’s given. He manages to free them for which the Sins keep submitting for his will. But the point is why will they listen to him? They are ancient entities with hidden powers. They do not have to succumb to him.


  1. Their movement- All the indications suggest that the Sins do not have a normal biological existence and they were not born by natural means so what is the requirement for them to act like humans and carry out activities similar to them?

The other strange thing to it that sometimes they walk like normal human beings and         other times they crawl on their four foot like animals.

  1. Speech- It is made obvious that the Sins can adapt language very quickly and also learn them very fast. But it is very strange that sometimes they talk in the modern English while other times they will growl and whistle like any another animal.DC So if they know the language they should speak it instead of doing the animal activities.
  2. Wings in just one- Each of the Sin has a different characteristic which defines him for example Greed has an extra pair of arms because she wants to grab more. Gluttony’s mouth embodies his entire torso so he can eat everything. Envy is small as it shows the insecurities that one can posses.

On the other hand pride has wings. He is the only one winged member of them all              which is there to justify the fight at the end of the movie and he is seen flying and              chasing the Freddy Freeman.


  1. The boardroom scene- In the boardroom where all the board members are present and the meeting is going on. There Dr. Sivana enters the room even though her dad is the CEO of the company to create disturbance . The Sins attack and kill everyone in the room. Whereas it is shown that they want to transform the world so why would they kill them instead of trying to change them.


  1. Greed eating Sivana Sr. – (DC)When someone asks Sivana about which sin suits her father the most she says that greed does. But Greed would want to take power by owning the CEO and use his resources to earn more, not murder a valuable resource that he might have for himself.


  1. Why didn’t they get hold of Billy?- It is shown a lot of times when the Sins could have seduced Billy as it has been seen earlier that he is the kind of character who betrays his friends just to show off and use his powers to help himself. They had a lot of chances to switch sides but they didn’t do it.


  1. One of their motives- The biggest problem with the sins has been that they have never known as to what they wanted, there have been no answers to their questionable behaviors . Their desires are clear but there is no particular or meaningful way they reached it.


  1. The statue designs- The designs behind the statues of the sins are quite creative and impressive but their explanation is written in Latin which is spelled out in English .DC But the question remains that the language that we use is only 4 centuries old so how can the description of the statue be in our language?

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