Dragon Prince : Ending of Season 3 Explained, What to look forward in Season 4


“Is this the end?” That must be apparently the image you’ll have when you go through the end of the third season of Wonderstorm’s The Dragon Prince. The show is quite popular and while the last season had some really impressive moments (including an on-screen gay kiss between named characters), some odd ones (the fart jokes were surprisingly juvenile and felt tonally off), although one can not expect it to be the ending after all. Does this question hit you hard that this might not be a final season, meant to settle the chief conflict and story curves, or is it a misleading climax, serving as an incline for the the last and the final battle?

The Dragon Prince season 3 raised the bar considerably as Viren defeated the Katolis throne and colluded with evil elf Aaravos to lead an army into Xadia. The Dragon Prince season 3 finale “The Final Battle” saw Viren and his extensive army hit at the dragon palace Storm Spire available to wage battle against Callum, Ezran and Rayla and their Xadian allies. A shocking harsh encounter happened but just as Viren’s troops were about to win, his human detractors mocked on and went with Xadia to defeat them.

Viren and Aaravos, meantime, used the contest as distress to get into the Storm Spire so they could weaken Zym’s life efficiency. Luckily for the young dragon, Rayla threw both Viren and herself off the cliff Storm Spire sits upon and was rescued by Callum before she ran the deck. As Viren’s squad was beaten andhe himself plunged to his death, Zym’s mother Zubeia stirred from a long nap and finally was led to meeting him.

The determination to The Dragon Prince season 3 inferred that agreement might be reestablished between humans, dragons and elves. Nevertheless, the finale threw a strain in the works when it was announced Viren’s daughter Claudia had resurrected him from dying and Aaravos had turned himself a cocoon and was busily metamorphosizing into a unique, probably more evil form. 

With these open ends we might expect the season 4 to come up with a lot more twists and audience engagement.

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