Log Horizon Season 3, Is it delayed, Plot, Cast and Every Detail so far !!


Log horizon is serial illustration of a Japanese novel written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. It was adapted in four manag series.  The first one revolved around the original plot of the series while the other three focused mainly on the characters of Light Novel. Soon the series got anime adoption and started streaming in 2013, even after the release of the second season the series did not get renewed and it’s been a long time since time since then. There have been fake rumors that the series might get renewed this year but now due to the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a delay there are no new updates on the same.

To take a story ahead the writer needs to have source materials and according to the sources the writer of the story does not have enough source materials to start the shooting of the next season. It is said that the first two seasons had 25 episodes each which extracted a lot of content from the novel so more original content will have to be taken in order to finish the story of the season 3. It is confirmed that the season 3 of the show will be based on the 12th part of the novel series.

The story of the series is all about a graduated boy who gets trapped in a game with 30,000 players in the process of downloading the expansion pack of the RPG game, Elder tales. Now that he is not so familiar with the language they use he tries and conquers all the battles and quests by forming a union of his friends that he makes there called the Log Horizon.

However the name of the season  4 has been released and is Log Horizon: Destruction Of Round Table and is expected to have 12 episodes instead of 25.

The Log Horizons season 3 was to release in October 2020 in Japan but as of now there has been no update on it.

The cast of the season 2 is expected to remain same i the season 3. With the central characters being Mike Yager, Joji Nakat and Emiri Kato along with the important members reprising their roles in the show.

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