Manifest Season 2 has Ended, Ending explained and What to expect from the next Season


Manifest Season 2: Imagine if someone goes missing for five years and returns back into your life. Sounds so unreal right? Because by that time you will have generated the habit of living without them and it also be difficult for you to include them in your life.

Similar is the story of the Manifest where a Montego Air flight 828 from Jamaica to New York experiences a brief period of turbulence. When they land the passengers and the crew realize and see that they are five and a half years ahead of the time they boarded the flight. So briefly they learn  that they had been missing for a long period of time where people have presumed them to be dead. They see that the lives of their loved ones have changed drastically. Along with that they are able to see and experience guiding voices which tells them as to what is going to happen next.

Manifest is a American supernatural drama series created by Jeff Rake, that premiered on September 24, 2018, on NBC.

Manifest Till season two of the show it is showed that how the passengers are coping with their new lives and the kind of adjustments they are making but in the season 2 finale “ Icing conditions” made it clear that the makers want to take the pedal more forward and intensify the story.

The season also talks about Zeke Landon who finally succumbs one year of frost biting by hiding in a cave . He is a tragic figure who has faced a year lapse. He somehow contacts all the flight 828 passengers and tells them about the “expiration date”. Manifest In the season finale, the time comes for Zeke when he is called at the frozen lake where he saved Cal Stone only to perish himself into Michaela Stone’s arms. However he doesn’t remain dead as he glows mysteriously back into life but more zealous than before.

Particularly they feel that if Zeke can survive his own death the other passengers of the flight 828 can do so by following their callings. They however say that this twist in the story can reflect on other characters getting to know about their calling and the word being spread in the next season.

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