The Seven Deadly Sins reveal date for Season 4 on Netflex, What new to expect ??


Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of remakes of manga novels and one of the favorable ones of it that of “The Deadly Sins”. This series is made on the novel by Nabaka Suzuki “Nanatsu no Taizai”.

The series follows the story of the third princess Elizabeth of the Kingdom of Lions who is in search of the Seven Deadly Sins a group of former holy knights who were disbanded from their kingdom and were over thrown.

The series was first showcased on MBS and Japan News Network station  on October 5. The second season was confirmed in September 2015 and was aired in January 2018. It definitely made the viewers wait a lot and also kept building their curiosity. The third season was aired in October 2019 and the fourth season was confirmed in March this year and is scheduled to be showcased in the month of October this year itself.

The trailer of the show is also released and has created a great level of excitement among the viewers. They are eagerly waiting for it to release on Netflix.

The season 4 of the show has been released in Japan with its finale episode which was released in march this year.

Talking about Netflix there was an official statement on the twitter handle of Netflix stating that the season is to stream on Netflix this July. The title of the season being “The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods”.

Not much has been revealed about the pot of the season but it ensures a lot of thrill for the viewers and the fans. We have seen some new discoveries and the last season about the blood relations between the heroes and the opponents so the next season is likely to focus on that and how their relations turn into. Meliodas might eventually assume his demon form to protect Elizabeth.

But considering that there are only 110 chapters remaining from the original novel it is also expected that the season might be short and the story line be twisted and turned according to the creative directors of the show. There is a possibility of the knight’s reunite with the kingdom to defeat the demon ,in this season.

There is a possibility for the introduction of new characters and a lot of twists in the story line.

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