Predator Hunting Grounds Update 1.06 Patch Notes- Bug Fixes, Revamped Weapons and Much more!!


IllFonic and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Predator: Hunting Grounds have released the update 1.06 and some changes have been made too. Along with the new features this update has fixed some issues and bugs also.

Following are the changes that have been made:

  • It includes the reduction of the stations where players used to find health and ammunition supplies.
  • In order to compensate these changes the count of enemies that will be spawned has also been decreased.
  • The players who will be inactive will be pushed out of the match within 2 minutes.
  • There has been change with the working of stamina too. Jumping will cost more stamina. Low stamina will put the players in an exhausted state.
  • Reduction in the amount of Veritanium received when obtaining a duplicate item from opening a field locker.( Predator Hunting Grounds)

 Predator Hunting Grounds

  • Improvements to the AI pathing.
  • Reduction in the health of boar and run speed.
  • Some issues have been fixed that were occurring with new item notifications.
  • Stability improvements regarding loading screens and various gameplay interactions.
  • Field locker reveal will now wait until objects are fully loaded before appearing.
  • [PC] Friends list now only shows friends that are currently online.
  • Fixed a problem where the defense timer missions would sometimes display the wrong countdown timer. ( Predator Hunting Grounds)
  • Reduced defense timer countdowns on several missions.
  • Fixed collision on some trees that were blocking bullets and projectiles in its leaves.
    Increased Health of Destructible Branches.
  • Fixed a problem where map collectibles that weren’t being awarded correctly.


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