A new Transformer animated movie is in the works


A series of American science fiction action films which began in the 1980s. The Transformer. The popularly known series which has never failed to amuse the children and entertain them.None other than the TRANSFORMERS. It is always interesting to watch a car converts into a robot in seconds.

The series has till date received mixed reviews which included people appreciating the animation of the movies and giving negative feedback about the storyline. Except for the Bumblebee which got a huge fan following and a positive response both from the viewers and the critics.

The sources recently revealed that the Paramount Picture is expanding the “Transformers” universe with two new scripts which are in making.

Details behind both the stories are vague and not much is known about them. The cast and crew of the scripts have also not been revealed, but sources say they present an opportunity to build out multiple storylines within the franchise.

No directors have also been signed for the movie and its is predicted that a whole new set of the cast will be appointed for the two movies.

But one of the sources also revealed that the first movie into writing could be a spin-off to the movie “Bumblebee” and the second is expected to reboot the original live action scale of the Transformers but with a bigger scale of animation and sense of scale.

In February 2019, Hasbro indicted that the Bumblebee will have a kind of soft reboot in the series. But just after a year it was seen as if the Paramount wanted to change the script and not want it to be the Bumblebee sequel. It is also possible that the studio has separate future plans for the transformers label and they might change the course of the movies. But again considering they are working on two scripts together it is possible that the studio has not confirmed the stories ff the two movies. It’s probably best to not assume the studio has made any final decisions about how to continue making films about robots in disguise just yet.

One way or the other it is confirmed that the Transformers are to return back on the big screen with a new and better storyline.

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