A PUBG Mobile Player used Drones in Arctic Mode to fly his Car, Checkout!!


The famous PUBG Mobile has recently added the feature of supporting the drone in its Arctic Mode. This feature helps the players to survey the area using the drone before pushing in while camping. However, one of the players used his creativity to the next level by using the drone to fly his car.

Various users are arguing that this might be a bug that was unfixed by the developers. Some users also suggested that only two drones are sufficient to do the trick for most of the vehicles.

You can take drones inside the car and make it fly, but taking them down the car is said to be difficult to control. This trick is pretty handy if you can do it correctly. You can technically fly over the Vikendi map. This trick would be beneficial for the sniper team mate to spot other squads easily from that height if you are not able to spot them from the land. However, you cannot take the advantage unless you are using suppressors because it will take just one shot for others to look up and find out your location and shot you down and your whole team.

Top Five places where you can find the Drone in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Cosmodrome: This is an abandoned rocket research facility located on the North of Vikendi. This is the number one place to find the drone unless any other player has not found it. It is easy to find as a box is kept between two spotlights. Inside this box you will find the drone, some Branch, a Heater and a SCAR-L.
  2. Podvosto: It is an old village near the river with buildings close to each other. There is also a bridge nearby. in PUBG Mobile You can find the drone in any of the houses here.
  3. Villa: This is a big hotel located in the middle of Vikendi. This place has a lot of loot and is a small area and is one of the hottest drops for many players. You will have to fight a lot in order to survive here. You can find the box in the middle of the Villa.
  4. Goroka: It is a big lakeside town located in the center of Vikendi. It is just near Mount Kreznic and the lake near the town is frozen. It is a large open area. You can find the drone on a building on the right side of the town.
  5. Airdrops: These are one of the last and most reliable ways to get a Drone. You have to keep your eyes open and vehicle ready to get to the airdrop. There might be some players already present near the airdrop so be ready for a fight too.


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