Elden Ring’ Latest Leak: Kingdoms, Side quests, Battles and Many more revealed, Details!!


FromSoftware has not made new announcements about the Elden ring yet. A new leak has, however, grown roots through the internet revealing a lot of upcoming open-world RPG titles. The leak reveals about the Kingdoms, Side Quest, Battles and many more.

Elden Ring” is one of the most awaited RPG titles scheduled to arrive this year. But, From Software has maintained the secrecy just like the other games. Even after this leak, the fans are waiting for the official announcement from the gaming community.

Latest Leaks for “Elden Ring”

According to the leak for the Elden Rings, the game would have 8 kingdoms, each with a final boss area with all the kingdoms in an open-world setting. It also claims that each of this kingdom is much bigger than that of “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne”.  Apart from final boss areas the gamers will also discover mini-bosses and discover several terrains and secret passages.

The players will be able to save their progress through Pray sanctuaries in the form of “Elden Ring” bonfires. In terms of character, there is a link between each class and a kingdom, which the player spawns at the beginning of each game.

Interestingly, it is also claimed that the pathing in the game is not linear. There are five Side Quests which might have effects on the ending of the story.

It is also claimed that there will be mounts in “Elden Rings”. The leak also suggests about the terms tigers, bears, horses, and even worlds. Unique Animals are also said to be available, however, more details have not been revealed about it.

The mount battles are said to be crucial, especially in boss fights. This information might seem exciting, but we cannot completely rely on them and should wait for the official announcement to be made.

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