Fake Valorant Twitch Streams are now banned. No more easy views!


There is bad news for fake Twitch Streamers that was announced by Twitch. Since the Valorant closed beta has been released Riot games has touched the sky. Especially, when they enabled beta drops. The viewers for the game were increasing at an extraordinary rate. There are people here too who try to take advantage of the system through unwanted mediums.

Between April 20 and 26, Valorant gained 65 million views on Twitch. Some streamers posted videos on demand by showing live. This fooled the viewers as they thought that the steamer was playing at that time. The viewers thought that streamers were live and they kept on donating the money. Twitch started losing the grip of the situation last week as the numbers of fake streamers were increasing.

What did Twitch do?

A popular streamer summit1g got high tempered and said “You should all be f**king ashamed. You’re not Twitch streamers. You’re not even YouTubers because you’re not even putting in the work they put in. There’s no editing, you f***ing throw up your VOD as soon as you go offline. Like I’m playing my outro video, a couple of double clicks and you leave. What a joke.”

Not only summit1g raised his voice, but many other streamers were calling on the platform. As summit1g was popular and so his words actually helped the situation.

Twitch tweeted that “We’ve heard concerns about creators continuously streaming VODs while tagging the channel as “Live” to farm Valorant Drops. This harms the integrity of our Drops Program so we’ve updated our Community Guidelines to clarify that cheating any platform rewards system is prohibited.”

So, now Twitch can suspend any account that it finds to be suspicious “Such actions may include: removal of content, a strike on the account, and/or suspension of account(s).” Many streamers were appreciating this move of Twitch. However, we have to see whether these guidelines bring any effect or not.

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