Georgia business owners in a conflict after state reopens businesses


Kemp and other state officials decided to reopen some businesses that were earlier shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. The government permitted gyms, barber shops, hair salons, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys to lift up their shutters. This notice comes just a few weeks after a stay at home order was issued as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the virus. However, the other businesses tend to remain closed.
The government faced a lot of criticism and mockery. Now,the state is trying to safely navigate and direct the relaxing schedules,keeping in mind the safety and Security of the citizens.

The decision is debatable as it’s against the mayors from several cities, including Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah as well as the suggestion by the data model cited by the White House. The model by the Institute For Health Metrics and Evaluation at University of Washington said that Georgia should not even begin to reopen until June 22. Bottoms has called the decision to be baffling as the state is still not free from the virus and has taken approximately 900 lives and sickened about 22,000 residents. As per the data by Johns Hopkins University, nationwide death toll has surpassed 50,000.

The Cheif tension is that the attempt of returning things back to normal by giving allowances to businesses is going to compound the already omnipresent problem of the virus in the country,where there is a barber shop at every street. It’s not only risky for people who go there as customers but also for the community as a whole.
The owners are now perplexing to devise the best methods to protect themselves, their employees and their customers from the fatal infection. Even though Kemp clearly said that the businesses that reopen shall follow social distancing, maintain sanitation and regularly check their employees for symptoms that the illness brings along with it.
Admist the deep criticism received, the Head of Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers, Kay Kendrick, has praised the governor’s step pointing out that several out of the 95,000 licensees under the board have no other source of income to fill in their stomachs. The owner of Electric Ink Tattoo in Woodstock also decided to reopen because he had to pay bills and was running out of cash.

Some customers were glad to finally enjoy the services while some were in deep disregard and disagreement. Some national gym chains have also showed resistance by indicating that they will not restart operations even after the green light from the governor. Health experts over the world say it’s too soon for the relaxations to be issued.


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