Goosebumps Live-Action series under works, What to expect, Everthing we know so far !!


“Goosebumps “ are returning on television again. Scholastic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television announced this Tuesday that they are colluding a new- live action series. Goosebumps were previously known as a horror anthology television series in the 1990’s.

The brand is based on the novels written by the famous author R.L Stile and later became more popular when some character adaptations from the movie were transformed into movies like that of ‘Jack Black’.

“Goosebumps has been keeping kids and families on the edge of their seats for nearly 30 years and we’re very excited to partner with Sony Pictures Television and Neal H. Moritz to bring the enduring brand to life in a fresh new way for today’s generation,” said Iole Lucchese., Scholastic Entertainment President and Chief Strategy Officer.

Initially produced by Scholastic, Goosebumps has been a bestselling since decades and has the potential to engage both the kids and adults with its unique story line and adaptive writing skills written by the author. The original screening of the Goosebumps was a hit and was ranked 1st for consecutive 5  years from the year 1990. The series was an anthology of stories about children finding themselves in creepy and unusual situations, typically involving supernatural elements.

Scholastic and Sony’s second franchise second series which was a four series that ran for the kids in the early 1990’s. Goosebumps was also adapted and remake for two films which released in the year 2015 and 2018. Moritz has been this one franchise which has always associated with the brand Goosebumps and also came out with horror movies based on the story line of Goosebumps called as “Escape Room”, “Sonic the Hedgehog “and the others also “Fast and Furious” series.

Additional details which include the cast of the show which is to air on the novel along with the directors, no information has been officially released by the sources .There has also been no word on the expected release of the show and how long is it going to last.

The basic feedback of people on the earlier releases of the Goosebumps as a show earlier and then the movie has been – “does not require such generation-specific fandom in order to be enjoyed, and is in fact an all-inclusive monster romp that’s fun and spooky and just a little bit touching too.”

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