How the food business is reinventing itself


Food business : Coming back on tracks and pulling in customers will be a challenge for cafes and bars, even though home delivery will be all the rage after the coronavirus outbreak is under control. But at the same time, precautions are a must. While one’s favorite restraunt is soliciting one’s business during the self isolation period, there’s always a looming fear that the doorstep delivery could give you a la carte infection that you didn’t pay for. Temperature checks, sanitsers,masks,gloves and any other precautionary equipment have already become the norm, but still there’s more to be considered,after the pizza delivery boy was tested positive for the covid-19 in New Delhi. He spread the virus to 72 families and few other delivery companions, who were later quarantined.

New norms are the new normal for any restraunt working at the moment. Contact-less delivery may help one to eat his desirable dish but it cannot be denied that the customs of eating out will be changed forever. The quality of food and hygiene will take over any other aspect. Technology which was good to have will now be considered must have. Use of technology to ensure better services, cleanliness and to keep the process of social distancing continued will be paramount.

The chairman and Managing Director of specialty restraunts Ltd., Anjan Chattarjee, says, ” Although we have been conducting regular temperature checks for staff coming in, we have now started sharing this information on parcels about hygiene checks done on the delivery person, food packer as well as the chief in charge of the particular food item. It also includes the time of the temperature check done at the restaurant to make our customers feel assured. ” other major restaurants I have also tried to adopt different measures to make their customers feel safe.

Aman Chainani, Managing Director of Raahi Neo Kitchen and Bar,also says, ” home deliveries will start playing an important role in the hospitality business. I think a loyalty card, which offers great discounts and schemes, could be something that a lot of restaurants will start doing ,along with the regular offers and discounts.”

Even after the pandemic is under control and movements of people are unrestricted there will still be the necessity to ensure contact less menus,ordering and billing.
Just like several others, Azure Hospitality,which owns Sly Granny, Dhaba Estd. 1986 Delhi, Mamagoto and Foxtrot is also making necessary arrangements to go ahead with the process of sending out a printed sheet which has temperature of the staff mentioned along with every order. The company claims that all the packaging boxes and delivery bags that are used for dealing are regularly sanitized with government approved sanitsers. The employees are also made to wash their hands with in industry approved soap after every twenty minutes. It has also mandated the use of face masks, gloves and hair nets by all the chefs and handlers.

It can’t be denied that the food industry will now be forced to give more and more emphasis to the sanitary conditions of the production process as well as a hygienic working environment for their employees.


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