Nintendo Direct Leaker has predicted the upcoming PS5 reveal date.


According to the news, rumours floating in the air, we might get the PS5 reveal in June says the Nintendo Direct Leaker. Well, Sony has still not made any official announcement confirming the reveal date, but Jeffrey Grubb of VentureBeat claimed that June 4th is the date of the reveal to be announced.

He has formerly also predicted about the dates for Nintendo direct and Indie World Showcase last month accurately. So, this time also there are chances that he might be correct.

Jeffrey Grubb says

When a ResetEra user complained that there is no information about the reveal of the console then Grubb replied casually, “Currently planned for June 4.”. Soon, people went crazy on his comment. A user “–R” commented “Holy shit the Grubbinator is back at it” within a few minutes after Grubb’s reply.

This news soon spread all over Reddit. Well, some of the users are saying that this news might be wrong because the Xbox Series X reveal is still due on May 5th. Very soon, Next-Gen titles are going to be released.

Some are predicting that the next big announcement will be of “Assassin’s Creed” game. All of this information is relevant, but keeping note that Grubb has always been accurate with his predictions, there is still some hope that he might be right.

So, we can wait for any further official announcements made by Sony. Or rely on Grubb’s prediction and can wait for June 4th.


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