Nokia and Airtel agreement amounting to 7500 crores


On Tuesday, Finnish Telecom gear maker Nokia declared the signing of a deal to enhance the mobile operator’s network calibre in the nine circles Across the country. The deal is worth Rs. Seven thousand five hundred crores. The Nokia and Airtel assosciation could really be powerful.

This initiative is a major step for both parties. This Alliance is extremely crucial amidst the coronavirus struck economy, where all the businesses are facing disastrous shortcomings while The demand and consumption of data have increased rapidly, putting a pressure on the Telecom sector to instantly invest towards providing better network facilities.

The GSMA data shows that India is the second-largest telecom market in the world and is expected to reach 920 million unique mobile customers by 2025.aThe agreement will definitely give enough stimulus to customer satisfaction.

Gopal Vittal, managing director and chief executive officer India and South Asia at Bharti Airtel, says, ” this initiative with Nokia is a major step. We have been working with Nokia for more than a decade now and are delighted to you Nokia’s SRAN products in improving the capacity and coverage of our network as we prepare for 5G.” On the same note, the president and chief executive officer at Nokia, Rajeev Suri, states, ” this is an important agreement for the future of connectivity in one of the world’s largest Telecom Markets and solidifies our position in India.

This project will enhance their current network and deliver best in class connectivity to Airtel customers but also lay the foundations 5G services in the future.”

The Nokia SRAN Solution is known for reducing network intricacy, promoting code efficacy and future-proofing investment. This is done by managing all the networks, 2G, 3G and 4G, from a single platform.

The Nokia supplied networks will give Airtel the best possible stance when the 5G connectivity comes to the country.

The roll-out is also expected to lay the founding stone for the provision of 5G services in the country. In a joint statement by the two companies, the agreement will witness approximately three Lakh radio units deployed across the several spectrum bands, including 900 Mhz, 1800 Mhz, 2100 Mhz and 2300 Mhz. The plan is to achieve it by 2022.