Spongebob Squarepants: 5 things the Movie did better than the Popular Series


The square shaped sponge wearing pants popularly known as SpongeBob Square Pants released its fist character movie in 2014. The SpongeBob square pant logo is copyright if Nickelodeon.  It is the first film of the SpongeBob Square Pants film series. SpongeBob square pant is such a cartoon which can lighten up anyone’s mood being it in a movie or in series.

But there has always been a comparison between that of the show that use to run on the TV sets and the movie that first released in 2014.

There are various aspects where the movie did better than the show:

  1. Efficient and passionate way of storytelling- the normal show which aired on the television screens had a elementary way of storytelling and often elongated subjectes . Whereas both the movies which came out The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, have had an epic way of storytelling with a strong story line engaging the viewers to stick to their seats.

  1. Celebrity Cameos- Whereas the series did not have any character of the show having a celebrity voice over, the movie which came had a special effect of celebrities having the characters voice over which attracted a lot of viewership.Since the first movie the celebrity appearances have only expanded. Antonio Banderas turned up for the 2015 sequel. The trailer for the third film even teases an appearance from the great Keanu Reeves!



  1. New Animation- Every now and then the creators of the Spongebob movie have experimented with the animation of it and have turned out quite successful each time. SpongeBob out of water deals with a lot of animation hybrids , more than that of the series. According to the sources the upcoming movie the third movie will have a new style for the characters.


  1. Regenerated Humour- The makers accepted that the first movies did not have enough punch lines and were not enough for memes. The creators worked on it and the second movie was back with a lot of humour with rip-roaring jokes and believable storyline.



  1. Iconic Soundtracks- It is accepted that remarkable songs came out of the series but the most iconic SpongeBob songs came out of the movies. For example- “Now That We’re Men” and “Goofy Goober Rock” are iconic jams that are among the best in the history of SpongeBob music.


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