Walmart announces to hire 2,800 people


As per a report, Walmart Labs is planning to hire more than 2,800 employees in India. It is the retail arm of commerce giant Walmart valued at $524 billion. Each week, Walmart has 260 million customers visiting 11,698 stores across 28 countries. The website of the same witnesses a traffic in 11 countries and employees 2.3 million people approximately. 

 The major motive behind this step is to consolidate its presence in the Indian subcontinent by hiring and acquiring relevant startups. 

 The hiring will reportedly take place at Chennai and Bangalore. From Chennai, it is planning to hire approximately 800 people for their operations. It leased a 250,000 square feet facility from RMZ earlier this year and will incorporate engineers and work in the direction of data science and machine learning and develop products for verticals like marketing, finance, pricing, human resource management, and customer oriented services. The appointed workforce will be a part of Walmart’s Global Data organisation (GDO), which is building machine learning, data science and visualisation platforms. 

Apart from this, it is also planning to hire 2000 new job applicants for joining the Bengaluru center,which already has around 3,500 people working. Since its establishment in Bengaluru in 2008, Walmart labs India has built cross disciplinary teams engaged in cutting edge engineering, product development and data sciences.

Amid the pandemic, the commerce giants Amazon and Walmart both have increased the numbers of hirings. They’re offering jobs to more and more people in order to expand their geographical boundations and while strengthening their Tech arms. 

Not only in India, Walmart is expanding all over the globe. It has announced to hire more than 150,000 workers on an hourly basis in the United States, given the rise in the number of shoppers amidst the ongoing lockdown. Amazon also made a similar move by declaring to hire 100,000 warehouse keepers and delivery men in the United States as the virus outbreak leads to an increase in online orders. 

Looking behind, Walmart’s technology behind NextDay delivery was built in partnership with people from India, San Francisco and Bentonville.


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