Your business can survive with The corona crisis playbook


“The corona virus crisis playbook” is a comprehensive guide to help businesses breathe during the pandemic led precipice and achieve successful recovery, authored by the entrepreneur and business owner, Sean Wolfington. It’s main aim is to assist businesses to navigate the amalgamation of stimulus programmes and to open their doors to the regenerative operations.

Wolfington says, “Get an in-depth review of all the stimulus programs available to fund small and medium sized burned businesses along with the best practices to acquire, conserve and manage capital through crisis while protecting and serving your employees,customers and the families you serve. ”

The playbook covers crucial domains such as planning, capital management, virtual workforce, communications, human resources, facility management and also marketing. It is targeted to the entrepreneurs and business owners of several industries. It is available at The video critically explains all the different steps that small companies can take to resourcefully step out of the pandemic caused lockdown.

The video tells how to acquire free or near to free funds by making the most of stimulus programmes and how to coordinate the human resource requirements keeping in mind the new regulatory warnings and absenteeism. An overview of various marketing strategies that are helpful to regain market capital and maintain and escalate revenue when the market reopens. The other major sections of the playbook are creating financial forecast and cash management plan to drive thru the crisis, communication and protection policies to connect with and safeguard your employees, customers and the community in general and finally to re-engineer operations to maximise online sales and deliver in the post corona economy.


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