Five Reasons to watch the new comedy series ‘Upload’


Upload is an American science fiction web television series with a lot of comedy and satirical elements attached to it. It is created by Greg Daniels and was premiered on May 1, 2020.

The plot of the series revolves around a choice which people have in the future where they can upload themselves to their afterlives. When Nathan meets his early death, he is greeted by Nora who is his version after death in heaven. The story follows both of them after they have been distant from their loved ones and how Nora faces difficulties in her life with Nathan by her side.

Here are 5 reasons to watch Upload

  1. The foremost is it being directed by Greg, is also the first reason itself- Gregory Martin Daniels is a comic scriptwriter who has been known for is magnificent work in popular shows like The Office, Saturday Night- Live, The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation and the King of the Hill. Greg has been nominated for twenty Emmy’s and also won four of them and all underwriting a comedy program.
  2. Whimsical concept- The story of the series is based on a concept one can never think of with taking Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown and Andy Allo as Nora Antony who themselves are comical characters in their lives with their screaming humour.
  3. Quarantined – All of us are staying at home to keep ourselves safe and to keeps others safe as well. Staying at home at times can result in getting irritated and not knowing what to do. This show will bring a spank of humour in your days keep you entertained as well. All you have to is log in to your Amazon Prime account as the series is only available on that platform.
  4. Super weird- The show is super weird but in the best kind of way. With an exceptional, different and new concept the show shows a lot of science fiction drama. With all the platforms and shows being out there Upload stands different and shows something you have never seen on TV.
  5. The cast is fantastic- if not the storyline but the cast is genuinely worthy of being called attractive Robbie plays Nathan’s role, Andy plays Nora’s role, Allegra as Nathans girlfriend, Zainab as Nora’s co-workers and Kevin as Luke. Looking at the future of the show it seems like there is more coming for it.

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