India Domestic Air Passengers traffic drops by 11.8% in March


India has been on a lock-down since March 25 to curb corona-virus, which has killed over 1000 people in the country till now. All commercial flights and railways have been suspended for the period.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), however, said global passenger traffic dived 52.9 per cent compared to the same period a year ago. Indian domestic air passenger traffic fell by 11.8 per cent in March as compared to the corresponding month last year, indicating the impact of Covid-19 on the country’s aviation sector.
The IATA, which represents around 300 airlines accounting for 82 per cent of the global air traffic, measures passenger growth in terms of revenue passenger kilometres (RPKs), which is calculated by multiplying the number of passengers with the total distance traveled by them.

The impact looks similar on Russia and India considerate to this sector from the last month. Passenger volume has fell by 15.4% year on year in March in Russia and by 11.8% year on year in India.
“In annual terms, capacity increased in both markets in March. However, the Covid-19 outbreak began to impact these countries later than elsewhere and lock-down also lagged the experience of many other nations. As a result, the relative out-performance in traffic volumes may not be sustained in April, with larger declines still to come,” IATA stated.

Few days back, government announced to not book flight tickets as the lock-down opens on May 3rd, the permissions to travel may not be provided in a risk. With the increasing cases it is difficult to announce any kind of certain news. Aviation companies being in dilemma has no option but to wait for further announcements from the government. Also it would take time to get the operations in routine and gradually the passenger volumes will increase as people would be more precautionary.


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