Jeff Bezos becomes double rich as Mark Zuckerberg, net worth hits $149B


Jeff Bezos: During the nationwide lockdown, e-commerce companies have been allowed to sell only essential items like grocery, healthcare and pharmaceutical products. The players and industry associations have been urging the government to expand the list of essentials to include ‘work from home’ and ‘study from home’ products.

Amazon India will transport consignments via rail across the country and is leveraging the ‘COVID-19 Parcel Special Trains’ introduced by the Indian Railways to ramp up its operations to 55 lanes during the lockdown period. This enhanced network will enable sellers in Amazon India’s network to ship their products across the country and keep their businesses running, thereby, allowing people to access a more diverse selection of essential products.

Not just Amazon in India but Amazon overall is delivering groceries and essential commodities during this crisis which is in a way benefitting the organisation and Bezos net worth.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now twice as rich as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Bezos’ wealth shot up since the beginning of this year and currently, his net worth is estimated at $140 billion. That’s double of Zuckerberg’s who stands at $70 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index.

Bezos is one of the few billionaire’s whose net worth has increased over the on set of COVID-19 pandemic. Elon Musk and Zoom’s Eric Yuan are those people whose net worth have peaked up.
This dramatic increase in Bezos’ wealth is in all likelihood tied to the huge surge in demand Amazon has witnessed over the lockdowns when stay-at-home orders spiked. Reports suggest that Amazon is currently coping with demand comparable to its usual peak holiday season.
Bezos has seen his wealth increase by a whopping $25 billion since the beginning of 2020 and this makes him the richest person in the world, $35 million ahead of Bill Gates. In Bloomberg’s list of 100 billionaires, Zuckerberg ranks fifth. The Facebook CEO’s net worth dropped by $8.4 billion since the beginning of 2020.
Changes may occur after the Facebook – Jio deal announcement in Mark’s net worth. But as the situation suggests Amazon has been offering people what is required and making things easier too.


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