Raghuram Rajan and Rahul Gandhi’s conversation about the current economic crisis


Former RBI governor, Raghuram Rajan,recently had a conversation with Rahul Gandhi about the current economic crisis.
The talk had discussions on the possible steps that can be taken to battle the crisis. It was the first time ever that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi was engaged in sv series of dialogues with experts on economy and health.

Raghuram Rajan suggested that The Indian government would need a sum total of Rs. 65,000 crore to help the people suffering from abject poverty. He also said that the situations like spreading of a virus caused fatal disease are extremely disastrous and rarely have any positive outcomes for countries. But still, India right now has its doors open to take its advantage. For India, he says, it’s an opportunity to be heard globally.

They further had discussions about the aftermath of the disease and lockdown that has been asserted to contain it. How the country will manage the reopening of lockdown was also a critical point of the discussion.

The former governor of the Reserve Bank of India also said that “I don’t think we have to aim for 100 percent success that is zero cases when we open up. Raghuram Rajan That’s unachieveable. What we have to do is-manage the reopening so that when there are cases, we isolate them.”

He also stated that the lockdown should not be opened in a messy way or in a haphazard manner. The country has to clever in lifting the lockdown in a ‘measured way’ soon because it does not have the capacity to support the people across the spectrum for too long.
Gandhi is also said to have talks with health experts to discuss how are the present conditions and on how to deal with the pandemic. Besides all these conversations, he also spoke to Randeep Surjewala, The Congress Cheif spokesperson.


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