SpiceJet will not give April, May salaries to pilots amid Covid-19


On Thursday SpiceJet said it will only pay part salaries to over 92 per cent of its employees in April. They also added that there would be no job cuts at this time, the company has devised a structure where all employees will be paid according to the work hours contributed while maintaining basic thresholds.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic and stringent lockdowns, the aviation industry is facing several problems. All commercial passenger flights are standing still and their primary sources of income are drenching and they are bound to do cut-off in the salaries of their employees.

The airline had told its pilots on Wednesday that they will not be paid salaries for April and May, adding that those who have been operating cargo flights will get paid for the number of hours flown and maintained the thresholds.

Not only Spicejet entire aviation industry is falling ill due to coronavirus and all other airlines are taking genuine steps to handle their economic balances.

Government-run Air India has cut the salaries of its employees by 10 per cent, GoAir has sent the majority of its employees on leave without pay, AirAsia India has cut the salaries of its senior employees by up to 20 per cent and Vistara has sent its senior employees on leave without pay for up to six days in April. While Indigo decided last week to roll back the pay cuts which were announced earlier for senior staff members for April in deference to the “government’s wishes”.

In these extremely challenging times, every sector is looking for some economical plans.


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