How Marvel Phase 4 is already including The X-men into Marvel Cinematic Universe


The primary official follows of the X-Men can as of now be distinguished around the preparations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Stage 4. In its 12 years, a long time of presence, the MCU has never had mutants in their genuine form and, as the current slate appears, no X-Men-centered motion picture will be releasing soon, a disappointment for the fans.

Notable characters like Magneto or Jean Grey are less likely to make their MCU debut in any of the most big-budget movies or shows. Marvel Studios wants to bypass similarities to their recent cinematic repetitions. Nevertheless, the X-Men mythos will definitely begin to make space for their predicted introduction. Although people are right now with just some wild guesses but a few authentic sources confirm that the X-Men and their existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe already started to appear.

MCU’s Phase 4 slate will emphasize the arrival of well-known faces and introduction of new ones both in film and TV. It’s only a matter of time before these Marvel characters debut in the MCU. So far, there’s no official word about when and how they’re going to be put into the existing franchise despite Feige laying out their whole Phase 4 blueprint with a mix of big and small screen familiar faces.

There are also talks of projects similar to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Blade waiting for a confirmed release date while Black Panther 2 already confirmed of its arrival. Although the specific plans for the mutants and Marvel’s first family have not been revealed. We can not say for sure if they are setting up their eventual arrival.

So, with this news that we can confirm you is Marvel Studios’ Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige and his team now have creative control over the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

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