YouTube: Here’s how you can get two months premium for free


The progressing pandemic has been influencing organizations left and right and has even influenced the occupation of a great many people as customary representatives are advised to telecommute, and everybody is asked to rehearse social separating. The developing interest for web-based administrations has expanded, and T-Mobile has recently reported that they will offer two-month free access to YouTube Premium as a feature of their “T-Mobile Tuesdays” rewards program.

This is done to encourage individuals to remain inside and practice social separating to limit the danger of coronavirus disease.

In contrast to comparable advancements, you can really exploit this arrangement regardless of whether you’re as of now a YouTube Premium supporter, PhoneArena notes. On the off chance that you’re as of now an endorser, you can simply drop your membership and, at that point join to exploit T-Mobile’s arrangement for 60 days.

Toward the finish of the preliminary, you’ll be charged $11.99 every month for the administration, so like every free preliminary, you’ll need to set a schedule suggestion to drop this one preceding the preliminary is up on the off chance that you would prefer not to wind up paying.

Another proposal for students began on Aug. 8, 2019, permitting understudies making new records to get a three-month preliminary of YouTube Music Premium (or YouTube Premium) — rather than the standard one-month preliminary, by visiting this site.

There’s one major thing to note only: don’t pursue YouTube Premium by means of the YouTube iOS application. In the event that you do that, the markdown won’t have any significant bearing and you’ll never find the opportunity to get it since it just applies to new endorsers.

So as to benefit the multi-month YouTube Premium complimentary gift by T-Mobile, you initially need to ensure that you are bought into this specialist co-op, it is an extremely important step.

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