You can get paid upto $1000 for watching True Crime Documentaries for 24 hours


For sure with the lockdown period, you would have got the great opportunity to watch different genres. So now we bring to you the opportunity to earn while watching. OH! I can make your excitement just from reading the above line. So here we bring how can you make the most of your quarantine period by watching Crime Documentaries.

Here is all you need to know about the all-new challenge that can get you dollars just in 24 hours.

True-crime fans can finally get paid to watch their favourite genre. Magellan TV announced the competition on Twitter, saying: “We want to PAY one lucky crime lover $1,000 for bingeing 24 hours of crime documentaries STRAIGHT. Are you brave enough?”
Damn straight.

Magellan’s winner will get a year’s free membership to the streaming service, along with three three-month-long memberships for friends and family.

How Can you watch these Crime documentaries?

So now the last question in your mind would be how can you take part in this competition. So here is the catch!

If you think this is something no one else except you could do it and you won’t be too traumatised by 24 hours of pretty horrific material, you can fill in an application on the MagellanTV website.

To participate, you should live in the US, and you need to write a short essay. Still though, a grand would be nice, wouldn’t it?

You will also have to answer a few basic questions, as well as your essay – in which you need to explain why you should get the job. Participants who upload a video submission will be given preference. To clear, it’s not a requirement.

Also, you’ll need to include your social media handles so they can peep into how funny and insightful all your tweets are.

Since the winner will be asked to document their “All-Night Crime Watch,” MagellanTV also encourages entrants to include their social media handles.

To enter, you need to be at least 18 years old or ‘have reached the age of majority under the laws of the state where they reside’. Make sure you apply by 4 May, at 5 pm EST.

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