1,000 industries have resumed operations in Jammu and Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir: The covid-19 disease caused by the fatal coronavirus has caused immense disruption in the Daily lives of people across the world. It is still hard to gauge the extent to which the world economy would suffer in the present as well as the future. The government’s decision to impose the lockdown was necessary, but has caused severe harm to the economic and financial conditions of the Indian subcontinent.

But in order to survive this damage, the government has now started to grant various industries to once again start running their machines,slowly and gradually, provides it adheres to the safety and precautionary warnings issued by the authorities.

More than a thousand industries have resumed operations in the newly formed union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This was the possible after the central government gave permissions provide relaxations in regards with the lockdown.

Jammu and Kashmir

The Department of industries and Commerce relaxed the restrictions for operations of industrial units. 1,007 industrial units are now allowed to work during the lockdown period in Jammu and 468 units in Kashmir as per the provisions of the Standard Operating Procedure, an official spokesperson said. In relations with the grants, 786 units have already started to run in Jammu and 455 units in Kashmir.

With the purpose of lending a hand to the public suffering due to the nationwide spread of the pandemic, The Department of Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation and Reconstruction notified standard operating procedure for regulating activities of industries, industrial, commercial and private establishments in pursuance to measures being taken up during the lockdown.


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